Harvesting, sorting and marketing (honey harvesting)

1- This service is available to the bee societies and the major producers of honey where the company is still a specialized team to harvest honey for the association or farm and then a piece of the la...

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Feasibility studies for agricultural projects and project management

This service allows you to obtain the best feasibility study for your agricultural project according to the highest standards and enable you to build the project for you and managed by a modern scient...

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Prices of agricultural production

This service allows you to know the prices and types of agricultural inputs needed by the Yemeni farmers by filling the following data [form form-4]...

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Agricultural market prices and requirements

 1- To get the prices of the agricultural market (vegetables, fruits, poultry eggs) daily via mobile, please send a letter (u) to 2442 on any local telecommunications network that will receive three ...

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Sell Yemeni coffee

Press here http://yeasco.com/category/yemeni-coffee-products/ To know the types and prices of Yemeni coffee...

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Sell Yemeni Honey

Press here  Honey prices today  For Yemeni honey prices today...

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Purchase of agricultural products

Service to facilitate the sale and purchase of agricultural products in Yemen by searching for the best market for your agricultural product Fill out the following data [form form-6]...

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Training and development

1 – To learn about the courses available in the field of modern agriculture click on the following link http://yeasco.com/ar/?p=1221 2 – To learn about the courses available in the field o...

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Your agricultural advisor

                                                                      To learn about the service of your agricultural consultant pl...

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