en Eye is aYem consulting company, which was founded in 1997 by a group of professional agronomists. It is the first
Yemeni company with registered brands of high quality products aشعار الشركة بعد التعديلالاخيرnd specialized in Yemeni Honey called “Yemen Eye Honey” and Yemeni Coffee with a distinct Brand called ” Eden Coffee”. Beside that, Yemen Eye company provides many business development services which would enhance the agricultural and production services in Yemen including the following: –
Providing consulting services and agriculture-related information and information about the Yemeni market by using online websites and local telecommunication companies in Yemen. – Providing training programs in the field of “Global GAP”, “Traceability System”, and “Fair Trade” in the field of beekeeping, honey and coffee production. – Invest in the field of beekeeping, bees-selling, and producing & exporting the best qualities of the Yemeni honey and coffee according to international quality standards. Yemen Eye Company supervises the apiaries/beehives of the Yemeni Honey Associations that are specialized in producing of Yemeni Honey. One of Our creative interventions to support the Yemeni Honey Sector (for example gathering, sorting, packaging the Yemeni Honey, then buy it from these associations, and market it locally and abroad.

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